Here’s How “Bi-Level” Adrenal Support Can Help You Get Your Life Back 
by Dr. Andrew Neville
Dr. Andrew Neville is a graduate of Bastyr University School of Naturopathic Medicine and a licensed Naturopathic Doctor. The Director of Clymer Healing Center for over 18 years, he is at the forefront of Adrenal Fatigue treatment nationwide.
If you’ve been suffering from the debilitating effects of Adrenal Fatigue for 6 months or more, you know by now that it’s not just a passing illness or a condition that will just run its course. It's stubborn and seems here to stay.

By the time my patients reach me, they've seen so many doctors and specialists and had countless labs performed that they're frustrated, over-medicated, and resigned to feeling the way they do for the rest of their lives.

For the most part, my patients are researchers. They've looked high and low for a solution to their fatigue, pain, depression, and digestive or immune disorders. They've heard the same information spouted from almost everyone out there. They've found no relief.

As you’ve hunted for answers to this intensely frustrating condition, maybe you’ve met doctors or self-proclaimed “experts” you hoped could give you your life back. You’ve tried what all the experts suggested, but nothing anyone has ever recommended has worked long-term.

Because of this, I’m going to assume you're skeptical of just about anything anyone claims to know about how to heal Adrenal Fatigue. I get that, but I want you to know there is hope.

I am a graduate of Bastyr University School of Naturopathic Medicine and am a licensed Naturopathic Doctor. I am not an internet “doctor,” as are some of those who claim to treat Adrenal Fatigue through quick-fix programs.

What I've learned after 17 years of practice is that any attempt to treat Adrenal Fatigue without addressing what's occurring in the brain (the limbic system to be precise, where it all starts) is ultimately designed to fail.

Assessing and treating Adrenal Fatigue is what I do, all day, every day. I've devoted my life to helping patients. I know what works, and I am here to help.
Life Without Enough Energy To Live It
Before I go on, I want to make sure you know that none of this is your fault. That's important: none of this is your fault.

The treatments and approaches you’ve tried have failed you; you haven’t failed them. If you’ve tried various supplements, diets, “detoxes,” or hormone therapies, it wasn’t your fault they didn’t help.

The fact is, they couldn’t work, however much you may have hoped they would. Why not? They lacked a critical piece. There's more to healing Adrenal Fatigue than taking a couple pills, eating well, cleansing your gut, or adding BHRT.

Most other clinicians who claim to know about the adrenals isolate the treatment to helping your body have more energy. Of course, your body does need care and support to return your energy levels to normal, but that's only a one-sided approach to health.
My Surprising Findings From 18 Years Of
Rescuing People From Adrenal Fatigue
When you have Adrenal Fatigue, you most likely have been shuffled from specialist to specialist, and none of them has known what to "do" with you. Every day, I must reassure my patients by reminding them: “It’s not all in your head.”

That’s how ignorant and arrogant the medical establishment is about this very real condition. Adrenal Fatigue can have a catastrophic impact on your quality of life, and having a professional dismiss your symptoms as purely psychological is narrow-minded and condescending.

In my experience, patients with Adrenal Fatigue are go-getters who want to make their life count. That "Type-A" personality is sometimes why their adrenals begin to fail in the first place; they care so much about helping others, and they overdo it. These are personality traits much to be admired.

The conventional medical industry is simply not built to address a complex condition like Adrenal Fatigue, which has no magic pill or potion for healing.

Healthcare professionals offer “band aids,” by way of chemical prescriptions, treating symptomatically rather than addressing the root cause of disease. As a result, even the strongest, most optimistic person can leave a doctor’s office feeling down and misunderstood.

My Bi-Level Approach to Healing does what other treatments fail to do: repair the damage taken place at the brain level, in its limbic system.
The Limbic System of the Brain
The limbic system region of the brain is in charge of keeping all our organs running. It tells the heart to beat, and it keeps all the amazing mechanisms in our bodies working on autopilot.

Most important, when it comes to Adrenal Fatigue, the limbic system also decides how our bodies respond to stress. To put it simply, the limbic system is the “boss” of the adrenal glands.
When we perceive a stress in our environment, the limbic system tells our bodies how to react. If you were being chased, it would tell your heart to beat faster to give you the oxygen you need to avoid danger. You'd get a boost of adrenaline to outrun that predator.
When you have Adrenal Fatigue, however, the limbic system is—and has been—working the adrenals so hard that they are now dysfunctional.

When a stressor occurs, the limbic system tells the adrenals to get busy by delivering stress hormones around our bodies. These hormones are adrenaline and cortisol and are of course useful when we perceive a threat or experience trauma, be it physical, emotional, or psychological.

Those hormones help our bodies choose the response “fight or flight” when attacked by a stressor, any stressor at all. Whether you're running from a bear or talking to an unreasonable coworker, your limbic system is putting your adrenals to work.

But those stress hormones can be incredibly damaging when they are triggered over and over. Even in situations where your life isn’t in imminent danger—anywhere on a stress-scale of sitting in traffic for an hour to the devastating effects of losing a loved one—your limbic system is kicking out cortisol and adrenaline. Too many stressors, and the body is thrown into dysfunction.

The longer this occurs unchecked, the more each of the body’s hormonal operations can be thrown into chaos.

     —Energy levels drop
     —Digestion slows causing GI dysfunction
     —Sleep patterns become irregular
     —Mood swings and irritability intensify
     —Menopausal symptoms worsen
     —Thyroid problems develop

Your stress "triggers"
are growing by the day
Our limbic systems evolved hundreds of thousands of years ago. The threats then were often immediately life-threatening: fear of starvation, becoming prey, and environmental changes that we could not control.

But today, our lives are full of so many "little" stressors—not to mention all the life-altering ones—our limbic system is working triple-time. Even changing careers, although a positive move, is considered a stressor to our limbic system.

Because our limbic system, by its own doing, is swimming in  stress hormones because of life events, it becomes chronically overstimulated. 
Chronic overstimulation of the limbic system has these effects on the body:

—Cells stop "communicating" with one another.
—Neural pathways take unwelcome detours.
—Inflammation builds.
—It's harder for the body to fend off free radicals.

If someone has Adrenal Fatigue, these dysfunctions are already occurring.

When the limbic system is overstimulated, the adrenal stress hormones begin to do damage to the limbic system itself. The more time passes, the more this cycle increases the body-wide drain and dysfunction.  
"Why Has No One Told Me This Before?"
I’m quite sure others are well aware of how critical the limbic system's function is to healing Adrenal Fatigue, but few people ever take the time to put the pieces of the puzzle together for patients.

Perhaps this is because it’s an inconvenient truth that would spoil their efforts to sell you diets, supplements, or detoxes as quick, one-size-fits-all fixes. I do wish it were that easy. I wouldn't be writing this article, and you'd be feeling great!

The quick-fix will never work. Those online, self-guided programs may have what I call "body support," but they do not address the brain, which needs attention and repair. Without both, there will be no lasting health.

I’ve been working exclusively with Adrenal Fatigue patients for over 17 years. I’ve seen and heard it all. During thousands of patient interactions, I have used my Bi-Level Approach to Healing, while others may only just be beginning to grasp the concept.
Calming an Overstimulated
Limbic System
As I said above, healing the limbic system is not a "cookie-cutter" approach. Treatment is different for everyone, because everyone’s body is unique and is experiencing slightly different symptoms. When we work one-on-one, my exact recommendations are always tailored to you.

As we work together, your limbic system begins to calm and repair. It will no longer constantly trigger your adrenals. As a result, you'll begin to feel a lift in energy levels. You'll experience less pain, less inflammation, and improved digestion. You won't feel downright exhausted every waking moment.

Best of all, while your body heals, all the hopelessness and frustration you've been feeling for months—or years— dissipate.
Why I Do What I Do, Part 1
I am, first and foremost, compassionate. I get what you're going through. I suffered from my own battle with Adrenal Fatigue. I genuinely do have an intimate understanding of what you endure, both emotionally and physically.

I share my own journey with Adrenal Fatigue in this quick video.
Why I Do What I Do, Part 2
I know how hard Adrenal Fatigue is. I understand that perhaps your partner is tired of hearing you talk about it, or maybe your friends and employer think you're "faking it," lazy, or that it's "all in your head."

You may feel like you're watching your kids' lives pass before your eyes, or that you are a mere spectator and no longer a participant in life.

I can help. And when I do, it's a humbling experience when patients thank me for their recovery. Here, in this short video, I asked Chris from Pennsylvania to share her story with you.
Anyone with Adrenal Fatigue
is fully capable of healing
My patients are nationally based. Every day for the past 17 years, my focus has been healing Adrenal Fatigue. From this experience, I've developed a bi-level healing protocol that's helped thousands of patients get their life back.

Mine is a holistic approach to healing, encompassing all areas of your life, your body, and your brain. You must be treated as a whole person and not as a cluster of symptoms to be “picked-off” by specialists, one by one. We need to get to the root cause.

If you’d like to work with me on developing your own plan to beat this condition once and for all, click the button below to get started.
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